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Three Vital Things to Do When Acquiring Bail Bonds for Your Loved One

by | Dec 30, 2016 | Bail Bonds

Posting bail for someone is always risky. You are spending your money and using your assets to help a friend or a loved one get out of prison. If that person violates any rules and skips bail, you could lose your assets. This is why acquiring Santa Ana bail bonds requires serious consideration.

Before deciding to post bail for someone, make sure that you understand the three things you should do.

Know the Person You’re Bailing Out

Bailing someone out means you’re assuming financial responsibility for that person. You are vouching for them with the bail agent, who guarantees the court that the defendant will attend every court appearance.

If the defendant didn’t show up in court, you have to pay the full amount of the bond. Because of this, it is essential that you share a strong bond with the defendant. You should attain their valid home address and that of their family, as well as their place of employment and places they always inhabit.

Vital Things to Do When Acquiring Bail Bonds

Understand What You’re Getting Yourself Into

It is equally important to know every detail concerning bail bonds in Santa Ana before acquiring them. One of the most critical points to understand is the premium of your bond purchase is not refundable. This means your money won’t be refunded, even after the case is finished, because it is the amount the agent paid for the defendant’s release.

You should also understand the term “indemnify” before agreeing to assume legal responsibility for the defendant. When you agree to this and the defendant skips bail, you will have to shoulder the full amount of the bail bond, which can be a difficult lesson to learn.

Stay Involved in the Case

Just because the defendant is out of jail doesn’t mean you can forget about everything. You still need to stay involved; after all, you are accountable for the defendant now. You need to ensure they appear for every court date by reminding them or offering to transport them to the location. You should also monitor their behavior and activities in which they participate while they are out on bail to make sure they stay out of trouble. Their trouble is really your trouble.

If you understand all of your responsibilities and can meet them, then you are ready to bail out someone. Talk to a reliable bail agent to properly start the process.


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