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Three Most Common Questions First-Timers Ask Regarding Bail Bonds

by | Dec 16, 2016 | Bail Bonds

Is there someone you need to help get out of jail? Is this the first time you have pursued the process of purchasing a bail bond in Los Angeles? If you answer yes to these questions, you are likely confused about how to proceed.

Posting bail for a friend or family member involves several factors. So, it’s understandable that first-timers ask a lot of questions about it.

What Information Do You Need to Provide a Bail Agent?

Before calling a bail agent, there are specific details you need to prepare to make it easier to process the transaction. One is where the person in custody is located. Get the name of the jail, the city and state it is in.

You should also take note of the person’s full name and booking number. If you don’t have the booking number, just inform the agent, who can then retrieve it for you. Last but not least, determine the amount of bond. The agent can convey the total cost of posting bail and other requirements needed to free the arrested person.

First-Timers Ask Regarding Bail Bonds

Is There a Refund After the Case is Over?

You won’t get your money back, even after the case has been settled. The bond money is used by the bonding office to release the person in custody. Of course, you’ll also forfeit all your money if the defendant is rearrested after the bond is posted. The only way you can attain a refund is when the bondsman fails to deliver and breaches the contract.

Can the Defendant Travel to another State or Country while on Bond?

Just because the person was released on bond doesn’t mean they can instantly go wherever they want, especially if the case is ongoing. If the defendant wants to leave the state or the country, but was ordered otherwise, a permission from the bonding office and court are necessary. Leaving without permission will likely send the defendant to jail again.

Knowing the answers to these common questions will give you a better understanding of how bail bonds in Los Angeles work. If you have any more concerns, don’t hesitate to raise them with the bonding office so that it can address them.


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