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A Reliable Bail Bonds Agent Explains the Languishing Legal Process

by | Nov 25, 2016 | Bail Bonds

As Theodore Parker once said, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” Judging by how long it takes for a case to go to trial, the veracity of this quote is hard to dispute. Of course, meting out justice is, and should be, a rigorous process. Due process must be followed to ensure that justice prevails and that victims receive proper recompense while the guilty are duly punished.

However, the accused also deserve to be protected during the trial process. Unfortunately, given the winding road towards the courtroom, these individuals face the real possibility of serving unnecessary jail time. Therefore, many opt to obtain bail bonds in Orange County to resume their freedom until their day in court arrives.

You, as well as many Americans, probably wonder why the judiciary process takes forever to proceed. There are several reasons.

Only So Many Days

The truth is that courts try hundreds of cases in a single day, and there are only so many days in a year. Once a case against a person is filed, the hearing will have to be scheduled for the nearest possible open date. Unfortunately, said date may be a few weeks or even a few months away.

Finding the Evidence

Cases are won on the strength of the evidence presented in court. As it happens, gathering and connecting these puzzle pieces can be time-consuming. After all, both the defendant and the plaintiff’s lawyers will need to interview witnesses, find physical evidence, call on expert testimony, and complete many other fact-finding tasks.

Complexity of the Case

A simple shoplifting case is a walk in the park compared to a murder investigation. The graver the case, the longer the investigation and the trial. Even when a verdict is handed down, many defendants are still given an opportunity to appeal the ruling, which further extends the trial process.

While Lady Justice may take her sweet time, it’s a relief to know that arrested individuals can rely on bail bonds in Orange County, CA to help them stay out of jail temporarily and pursue legal defense. Of course, it is important to work only with trustworthy bail-bond companies, such as JR’s Bail Bonds.


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