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Let Bail Bonds Experts Help Your Loved One in Regaining Their Freedom

by | Nov 22, 2016 | Bail Bonds

It’s one of the scariest calls a parent can receive: “Mom, I’m in jail.” The idea of a loved one spending even just a few hours in jail, let alone an entire night, is terrifying.

In such dire times, it’s very easy to panic. How could you not? However, it’s important to remember that keeping a cool, clear head is the only way you can help your child in these circumstances. As a Van Nuys bail bonds expert might tell you, these are the important steps you need to take if your loved one has been incarcerated.

Find out Where the Precinct Is

The first thing to do is find out from the police where your child or loved one is being held. If they don’t know, ask for an authority who knows the precinct’s location. Knowing this detail will expedite retrieval of your loved one when he or she is released.

Remain Silent!

As the legal saying goes, anything you say can and will be used against you, and this applies to your conversations and queries over the phone as well. Often, calls are recorded by law enforcers to serve as evidence during trial. If your loved one starts telling you what happened during the arrest, gently remind them to remain silent about the incident, lest he or she unknowingly implicates themselves.

Obtain a Lawyer

Very often, retaining a lawyer is the best course of action if you want to give your child a fighting chance to win the case and gain freedom. A lawyer will often call the police station to demand that officers cease interrogation of the accused so that the loved one’s case is not jeopardized.

Prepare to Post a Bond

The good news is that posting bail allows you to get your child out of jail in a matter of hours, provided that he or she committed a bailable offense. The bad news, however, is that many people can’t afford the bail amount, which often cost thousands of dollars. Don’t lose hope, though; you can get financially feasible bail bonds in Van Nuys from trusted providers.

No parent wants to learn that his or her child is in jail, but should you find yourself facing this scenario, it pays to know the necessary steps to gain the child’s freedom. After all, the less time in jail, the better for all concerned.


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