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Orange County Bail Bonds: Importance of Its Role in the Justice System

by | Aug 24, 2016 | Bail Bonds

Getting arrested for many reasons is certainly a stressful experience. Nobody wants to spend time behind bars, and their first concern would be to try and get out of jail as soon as possible. One of the options possible for this is by posting bail with help from companies offering bail bonds.

Take note, though, that being able to post bail is not an automatically available option for all kinds of offense, so you’ll have to make sure first that your conditions meet the requirements to be allowed to post bail.

Posting bail to regain temporary freedom is easier said than done, especially for individuals who don’t have the luxury of having enough cash at hand. See, posting bail can be expensive because the courts want to deter arrested suspects from simply walking away. Although they may be given a temporary reprieve from jail, they will still be expected to be back in the courtroom for their hearing.

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Bail Bonds Option

The way bail bonds work, therefore, is that an agency pays the bail to the court on behalf of the accused. With the bail posted, the suspect will then be allowed to get out jail and go back to their community, albeit with stipulations and limitations, which must be strictly adhered to. Such agreement is particularly helpful for those who do not have the money to meet the prescribed amount for posting bail.

Companies offering bail bonds in Orange County, such as JR’s Bail Bonds, however, will be held liable and made to pay the court if the accused takes the opportunity while out on bail to make a run for it. If the suspect escapes while on bail, a bounty hunter may be commissioned to ensure the return of the suspect, who is now effectively a fugitive.

Bail Requirements

Simply having the money to post bail is not necessarily enough to grant the suspect temporary freedom. The court still have to determine if the suspect can be granted bail, and if there is a risk that they will flee or pose any kind of threat to the community should they be let out of prison.

The bail bond agency should assess and determine if the suspect is going to abide by the conditions of their bail before the bond is posted to minimize the risk for the company.At the very least, though, the option to post bail is available, and there are companies like JR’s Bail Bonds ready to step in and help the suspect meet the financial requirements for it.


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