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Bail Bonds Facts: What Constitutes Bail and What are Its Conditions

by | Aug 18, 2016 | Bail Bonds

If you, or anyone you know, are faced with the unfortunate situation of being imprisoned, the first instinct is to find a way to get out and fast. If you or your family cannot come up with the prescribed bail amount set by the judge, you can always opt for bail bonds.

Having a bail bonds agency to back you up, however, does not necessarily guarantee that you’ll be able to leave jail immediately, though their help can be valuable in making the process go faster.  Still, there are some other requisites that must be fulfilled before the court can grant you bail.

Options to Get Out of Jail

The cost you will have to pay would be the amount of bail set. The court can accept either cash or check for your payment of its full amount. In case you can’t produce that amount, you can instead put up a property of yours with a value that meets the amount set by the court.

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The other option is to sign a an O.R. or “own recognizance.” Here, you will sign a document reassuring the court that although you will be waiving the bail payment, they can still be assured that you will be voluntarily appearing  in court  for your hearing.

Last but not least–and the most common way–is to get the services of an agency offering bail bonds in Los Angeles, such as JR’s Bail Bonds. They will be posting the bail for you while you still cannot come up with the full amount. You will, of course, have to repay them, usually in installments.

Certain Conditions to Follow

Do take note that if your bail is granted, it doesn’t mean that your freedom is going to be without any limitations on your movement; you also will have to fulfill the expectation that you will indeed be back in court for your case’s hearing. Furthermore, you may be asked to refrain from engaging in certain activities, usually those that are related to your case. For example, if you are involved in a domestic violence case, you’re not allowed to approach the alleged victim or even contact the person.

These stipulations are otherwise known as the “conditions of release.” Violating these conditions may result in revocation of bail, which may lead to your re-arrest. If this occurs, then it’s going to be less likely that you will be granted another chance for bail.

Should you be in a situation where you are able to make bail, just make sure to follow the conditions so that you remain in good standing with the court.


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