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After Posting Bail Bonds: Tips to Live a Trouble-Free Life After Bail

by | Jul 21, 2016 | Bail Bonds

Just because you’re able to get out of jail after posting bail doesn’t mean you’re completely free to do whatever you want. Your behavior while you’re on bail can still affect the outcome of your case. This is why you need to keep a close watch on your attitude and your activities outside jail or prison. Otherwise, you risk your chances of winning the case once you go back to court.

To avoid trouble and live a good life while out on an Orange County bail bond, here are some tips you can follow.

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Stay Away from “Bad” Activities and People

Avoid activities that may involve you with illegal stuff such as drugs. Do not, under any circumstances, expose yourself to activities that can be associated with the crime for which you are jailed.

Also, be careful about the company you keep. Stay away from bad influences and those who participate in illegal activities. Even though you have not committed a crime while on bond, your association and relationship with others may further taint your record.  Do not carry weapons with you and make sure you avoid as much conflict as possible.

Stay Where You’re Supposed to Be

If a judge ordered you to stay within a designated area, then follow the order by all means. Remember that your bail can be revoked if you leave; the court may think you’re trying to escape while your charges are still pending.

When the court thinks you’re a flight risk, you will lose the chance of getting another bail in the future. It’s better if you keep in touch with your bond agent and the court by updating them on changes in contact details and address.

Participating in Productive Activities

While waiting for your case to be heard, you may want to join healthy activities to learn a new skill and develop yourself. These could include enrolling in a class, exercising, learning a new sport, or applying for a skill job. Not only will it teach you something new, it will also help keep you away from trouble. Also, it can influence your record positively by demonstrating good behavior while you’re on bail.

Living a trouble-free life after posting Orange County bail bonds can reap benefits. Instead of wallowing in your misfortune, it’s best to start putting your life back together.


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