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Obtaining Bail Bonds: Getting Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

by | Jul 19, 2016 | Bail Bonds

Many people don’t know how bail bonds work. It’s not something you talk about in daily conversations. You may only have to look into bonds if you or someone you know is arrested. Because of this, you may have the same questions as others new to the process. Here are helpful answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about obtaining bail bonds, their obligations and the available options available.

What information do you need to give the bail agent?

When you seek the help of a bail bond agent, be prepared with information to make the process easier and faster. For example, know the location where the arrested person is in custody, his or her full name and booking number in jail, as well as the dollar amount of the bail. If you don’t have this information, or if it is  unavailable, the bail agent can often help you find the information you need.

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What are the ways to get a bail bond?

There are basically four ways to obtain a bail bond from Los Angeles companies and help a person get out of jail. The first is to use a bondsman. Or, you can settle the full amount of the bond with the jail or court. Another way is to use collateral in your home, a lot, or other real estate property to settle the bond through the court.

Last but not the least, the judge can set the person free based on that person’s own recognizance. All you have to do is determine which alternative is best for the person in jail.

Will you get a refund once the case is finished?

Don’t expect a refund when posting bail. The money you paid was used to release the person from custody. Similarly, if after a week  the person is arrested again, the bond office will not refund your money because their part of the first contractual obligation has been fulfilled. The only time you can receive a refund is if the bond office fails to uphold its obligations as stated in the contract.

Knowing that a friend or a family member is in jail can be stressful. However, you shouldn’t lose all hope because bail bonds can get them out. You just have to gain knowledge about how the process works to use it to your advantage.


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