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Cash and Bail Bonds: Two Effective Ways to Get Someone Out of Jail

by | May 25, 2016 | Bail Bonds

To get out of jail, a person arrested and charged for a crime may need to post bail. Also known as a bond, a bail is a procedure that guarantees the complete appearance of an alleged criminal in trial. It is typically determined during a defendant’s first meeting in court, as set by an officer or judge.

Most crimes are bondable offenses, except for capital crimes such as espionage, treason, murder and genocide. However, in rare instances, a civil case may impose bail to secure a payment or a civil duty performance. Contrary to what most people think, a bail does not act as a pre-trial punishment or a fine. It simply puts emphasis on the need for a court hearing, and for avoiding discriminating against poor defendants.

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If you ever find a friend or relative under arrest, here are two ways to get them out of jail through bail.

Cash Bonds

People can bail others out of jail by using a cash bond. A cash bond involves a certain amount of money that will allow the incarcerated out of jail. To use a cash bond, the bonder must call a booking officer to find out the amount needed. Doing this ensures the sum meant for bail.

Once the amount has been determined, the bonder may report to the booking officer with the cash bond in hand. After releasing the alleged criminal, the bonder should take responsibility of his welfare. In order to refund a cash bond, the bonded inmate must attend all of his court dates.

Bail Bond Services

In Orange County, bail bonds are extremely common due to the convenience they provide. Bail bond services are ideal for inmates that do not have the privilege of a cash bond or inmates that face a huge amount of money for bail. This kind of service allows inmates to pay a portion of the amount, while the bail bondsman pays for the rest. Once the inmate gets out of jail, the person who bonded him out must be responsible of his future court dates.

Other than this, the inmate and the person that bonded him should take responsibility of the remaining balance issued by the bail bond service. This way, both parties can prevent disparities and debt.

Bailing a person out of jail may seem easy, but collecting resources for money is not. Keep in mind that once an inmate receives bail, it is important that he attend all of his court dates to ensure his freedom from the law.

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