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Handling Bail After an Arrest with the Help of Los Angeles Bail Bonds

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When the police arrest you for a crime, the officers may take you to an LA jail until you can arrange for bail. Bail is essentially an agreement that says you will pay a small amount and return to the courtroom at a future date. Even if it’s a close friend or a family member arrested, you will still need to know how to post bail and how Los Angeles bail bonds companies can help.


Setting Bail

The judge in charge of the courtroom is the person responsible for setting bail. Depending on the date and time of the arrest, you may receive a bail hearing the following morning or several days later. As courts do not generally meet on weekends, if you find yourself arrested on a Friday night, you may not see a judge until Monday or even Tuesday morning. The judge looks closely at the case, the evidence gathered and other factors to determine the amount of bail required.

Following the Rules of the Court

If you or a loved one receives bail, you must agree to follow the rules of the court. The judge may implement some conditions. These conditions can include requiring that you maintain a clean criminal record or that you agree to not drink alcohol or use drugs. If an officer arrests you for a crime before your next court appearance, the judge can revoke your bail and require that you stay in jail until your hearing. Posting bail allows you to go home, be around your loved ones and live your everyday life until your next court date.

How to Post Bail

When you post bail, you generally need to pay the full amount. As most do not have that much cash on hand, they turn to bail bonds in Los Angeles for help. A bail bonds company will accept 10% of the total amount needed and cover the rest. The company agrees to pay the full amount to the court if you do not make your next date. That is why many require some form of collateral such as a piece of property. If you need to post bail right away, contact an LA bond company as soon as possible.

When you find yourself or a loved one arrested, you need to arrange for bail. Find out what you can do when you cannot afford to pay the whole amount yourself.


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