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How to Understand the Process of Working With a Bail Bonds Company

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Going to jail in Los Angeles is an event that everyone would certainly like to avoid. Sometimes, fate can work against you or someone you love, however, and you or your loved one ends up being arrested. After a hearing with a judge, those who are deemed to be secure may be released from prison on bail. This means that you may go home, with restrictions, as long as you pay a fee that incentivizes you to attend further court hearings.

How to Understand the Process of Working With a Bail Bonds Company

Many judges set the bail fee high to ensure that the court process moves as smoothly as possible, but few people can afford to pay tens of thousands of dollars for their release. Fortunately, there are businesses dedicated to helping people go through the legal process from their homes rather than from prison cells. These companies are known as bail bond services.

The Eighth Amendment of the Constitution says that a judge cannot set excessive bail against a person. In order to be released, you must pay the entire demanded fee to the court, and when your case is over, you receive the money back. Many people cannot afford to pay in cash bail valued at $5,000 or $10,000, so working with bail services is a good option. A Los Angeles bail bonds company can help you pay the set fee commanded by the judge so that you can get home sooner. A bail bond service can also pay your entire fee to the court for you, and you will be required to pay only 10 percent of the full fee to the agency. This 10 percent fee is mandated by federal law, meaning if you are approached by a bond service that offers you lower fees, then there is a possibility that they are not a licensed bond company.

Bail bonds are just a dial away. These services are flexible, and they require only a phone call and a deposit to get you out of jail and go home to your family. By getting in touch with a bail bond firm, you can avoid a temporary financial loss and get out of jail with minimal disruption.



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